Arganesse is the line of cosmetics which puts together the extraordinary cosmetic qualities of Argan oil which have been universally recognized with the infinite peculiarity of donkey milk, which has been used since Roman times as a precious source of skin nutrition.

Argan oil contains more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids) and is extremely rich in tocopherol.  Among its many virtues it has a strong moisturizing quality together with emollient elements which make it very useful in the prevention of skin relaxation.

Recent studies have proposed donkey milk, to be used in its lyophilized form, as an excellent component of many cosmetics. Its precious fatty acids present (omega-3 and omega-6) manage to restore and protect skin cell membranes.  The multivitamin complex  (A,B,C and D) blocks and slows down the catabolism of  skin cell metabolism and sparks off an action of skin repair.

The lysozyme component is able to mitigate inflammatory states of  the skin and scalp.  Finally clinical tests have suggested the use of donkey milk together with conventional treatment as a supporting element in the cure of psoriasis.   This particular line of cosmetics is aimed at those who need products which are protective, delicate and full of functional substances aiming to create and stimulate general well-being of the skin.

Every formulation is enriched with the adding of extracts of aloe, squalene oil, karite butter and nourishing glycerine.

Arganesse ATP-23 crema viso antirughe

Trattamento viso innovativo dalle spiccate proprietà Anti-rughe ed Anti-Aging. Contiene ATP-23 (Azeloyl Tetrapeptide).

New 2012

Arganesse ATP23 siero antirughe

Arganesse ATP-23 siero anti rughe: Siero viso ad azione urto sulle rughe di espressione.

New 2012

Arganesse bagno doccia 200 ml

Bagno doccia consistente da utilizzare quotidianamente in doccia o in vasca. Idrata, nutre e deterge delicatamente.

Arganesse crema corpo 200 ml

Emulsione corpo fluida ed idratante. Dona immediatamente sensazione di freschezza, idratazione e morbidezza.

Arganesse Latte/tonico detergente addolcente

Latte detergente ad alto contenuto in Olio di Argan. Applicare sulla pelle con un batuffolo di cotone fino a completo assorbimento.

New 2012

Arganesse Olio di argan puro 50 ml

Prezioso olio ottenuto dalla spremitura a freddo delle noci dell’albero dell’Argan di origine marocchina dalle innumerevoli applicazioni.

Crema 24H pelle normale e mista 50 ml

Crema 24h con Latte di asina ed olio di Argan ad alto contenuto in vitamine ed acidi grassi insaturi.

Crema 24H pelle secca e molto secca

Crema 24h con Latte di asina ed olio di Argan ad alto contenuto in vitamine ed acidi grassi insaturi.

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