GLC Cosmetics is a modern, dynamic and innovative enterprise introducing a new concept in the field of personalized dermo-cosmetic products.  The company was born from the long-lasting  passion of its  pharmacist founders to offer their clients high quality and prestige  products adding to this, the possibility of offering “exclusive” lines of cosmetics on a small scale to its clientele.

The Production lab, with its ultra modern equipment,  is at the heart of this company,  the cosmetics produced here guarantee a very high standard quality both for the substances used and their highly modern and elegant packaging.

Each  product has been carefully studied both in its initial formulation consulting  internationally famous cosmetic experts and in the production phase so as to reach excellent results from every point of view. In addition the products of GLC Cosmetics have undergone a series of chemical-physical stability tests carried out by the Federico II University of  Naples in order to guarantee the finished product in every aspect.

The company has promoted a daily use of its cosmetics based on a full awareness that these products will give back to our skin  a part of those elements that have been lost naturally through aging and that may be the cause of the most commonly present skin imperfections.

Finally in our cosmetics we use active substances present in our Mediterranean context like the Argan oil, or the polifenol  extracts from red grapes or those derived from olive oil  just to quote  a few of the natural products used in our cosmetics.

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