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At the moment our production is divided into 3 cosmetic lines which are very different both for the active ingredients that the  products contain and for the differing indications for their use.

ARGANESSE is the line of cosmetics which puts together the extraordinary cosmetic qualities of Argan oil which have been universally recognized with the infinite peculiarity of donkey milk, which has been used since Roman times as a precious source of skin nutrition.

VITEA is the line of cosmetics is composed of products which contain polyphenol elements derived from red grapes (Biovin) which contains a high concentration of resveratrol.

AQUEA is  a  line of cosmetics which contains numerous  products which have a moisturizing and ant-age action.  Face and body creams, cleansing and gel treatments, represent the main elements of this range of products aimed at treating the skin of the young and that of other age groups.

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